Yijin Environmental Protection Technology has a scientific and technological industrial system of air pollution control, water pollution control, soil and environmental governance, and has total contracting capacity of a comprehensive service system such as R & D, manufacturing, construction, installation and operation and maintenance, etc., at present the company has total assets of nearly 800 million.

Jiangsu Yijin Environmental

Jiangsu Yijin Environmental Protection Technology Co . , Ltd . is the holding subsidiary of Yimikang Environmental Technology Co . , Ltd . ( stock code 300249 ). The company is located in economically developed areas of China's potential for development and manufacturing - Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, water and land transportation are fast.Yijin Environmental Protection Company has a history of 15 years of air pollution control, through the continuous creation and accumulation of the company, the total assets of the company so far have been nearly 800 million yuan, the total number of existing employees is 550, among them, there are 17 professional registered engineers ......  MORE+

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